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Welcome to Prosser’s ATA Black Belt Academy. Looking for a new approach to physical fitness? How about a way to learn confidence in yourself or a way to help teach kids about respect and self control? With the programs offered, all of this and much more is achievable.

Tiny Tigers (ages 4 through 6)

This program offers children a strong foundation in life skills and motor skills to enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions. All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group.

Karate 4 Kids (ages 5 to 14)

There are many reasons for children to become involved in the martial arts. The Karate 4 Kids system is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills.

Taekwondo (ages 14 and up)

We train our students to the best of their ability. Some students are already in shape when they begin, others may be overweight, under-toned or simply ready to get back into the workout habit. Almost every student has limited flexibility when they begin and can't believe they will ever be able to kick so high or bend so low.

Adults can start at any age regardless of their current physical condition. We've even had some adults who started as late as their 70s and have still been able to achieve the rank of black belt. We treat every student as an individual and never compare one student to another. Our instructors are trained and certified through the American Taekwondo Association to uphold the strictest of standards and they will be there every step of the way to guide our students to success. All we ask of an individual student is that they do their best every time!

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